This page is a portfolio of the works I have translated from Spanish to English.

Original: Entrevista exclusiva, el técnico de Tahití habla del futuro futbolístico del país
Translation: Exclusive Interview: The coach of the Tahitian national team discusses the footballing future of his nation

Original: Entrevista. Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini’: “Mi sueño es que nunca se acabe lo que me está pasando”
Translation: Interview: Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini’: “My dream is that what I am doing never comes to an end”

Original: VAVEL alcanza el millón de lectores en un mes
Translation: VAVEL reaches 1 million readers in a month

Original: Entrevista. Álvaro Vázquez: “La Premier League es dureza, nobleza y fútbol directo”
Translation: Interview – Álvaro Vázquez: “The Premier League is toughness, quality, and direct football”

Original: El Real Madrid durante la Guerra Civil
Translation: Real Madrid during the Spanish Civil War

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